Life’s good when you don’t give a shit.

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Listen to more Thin Lizzy.

Very exciting mail day!

OATHBREAKER “Eros|Anteros” Video Teaser, Album in stores August 20th (by Deathwishinc)

"Can I eat this?" Mail guy left it at our side door which no one checked for 3 rainy days.. hooray for shrink wrap.

Trawling through my old HD today and came across these Converge photographs I took before their show with Pettybone & 33 at the ULU in London, 2010.These outtakes are a nice reminder of a great day/show.  I kinda dropped the ball on the group photos and fucked them up (they never got published) although I got some great live shots in the evening (on my feed somewhere).  I remember seeing the band play for the 1st time in maybe 2000 and I genuinely thought they were terrifying individuals, years later it couldn’t be any further from the truth.  Great people and a continual inspiration on all fronts.